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The benefits of organic, handmade and cold-pressed soaps.

Taking care of your skin should be a daily gesture that deserves some care, especially if you want to maintain healthy skin. The skin is our biggest organ by extension and protects us from external agents and bacteria. It is also an organ that "breathes". In truth, we absorb oxygen through it as the outer layers of the skin take in oxygen directly from the atmosphere.

Common mistake

Industrial soaps usually contain petroleum-based ingredients and other chemicals such as foaming agents. Precisely this mixture gives us a strong feeling of dryness after washing. Furthermore, regular body washes change the health of our skin due to the chemicals inside them. The result is that the body's general defences are lowered, and aesthetically, the skin becomes gradually drier, less elastic, aged and "tired".

A simple solution

The best choice recommended by experts is to use organic, natural, and less aggressive products for our skin. We recommend using handmade soaps, which go through a cold-pressed process that maintains the oils' qualities. That is why for the daily cleansing of the skin, these kinds of soaps are perfect!

The benefit of the cold-pressed process

The cold-pressed process is an ancient method of making handcrafted soaps. Unlike other techniques, the low processing temperatures allow the plant and beneficial ingredients that compose them to be kept unaltered. Because of this, all soaps at Flip Organics are made using the cold-pressed process.

Cold-pressed soaps are made from a chemical reaction called saponification between "lye" and "fat" or oil (e.g. Olive Oil or Coconut Oil). These soaps allow the lye to be neutralised without any outside heat sources, called "curing". This is quite a time-consuming process that enables more gradual saponification. It can take 4-6 weeks for the soap to complete this process. The absence of heat keeps the essential oils intact and in perfect condition to wash you in therapeutic goodness. It takes time, but it is totally worth the wait!

This means that when we use natural ingredients (e.g. Moringa), the skin can fully benefit from their components. This makes the skin softer, fresher and more toned naturally. Also, cold-pressed soaps form a silky cream foam in contact with water, capable of deeply nourishing the skin and at the same time freeing it from impurities.

Our soaps

All of our soaps are cold-pressed organic and handmade in South Africa.

Our Moringa-based soaps are embedded with lots of ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin. Our cold process method enables the soap to retain the benefits of our raw and natural ingredients. Also, no animals were used in making our soaps, thereby making them eco-friendly and sustainable for our environment.

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