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Skincare for men... 4 easy steps!

Skincare is not just a female affair. Even men in recent years are becoming increasingly aware that skincare is essential for maintaining a fresh, rested face and avoiding premature ageing.

This article would like to incentivize more men to start a skincare routine to have healthy facial skin and a luminous beard.

  • The first step


As in all skincare routines, skincare for men also begins with cleansing. This first step is essential to eliminate the impurities accumulated during the day due to external factors such as smog, sweat and heat from the sun.

Every day, morning and evening, use one of our organic soap bars on your wet face for effective and delicate cleansing!

  • The second step


Men tend to have more oily skin than women because the sebaceous glands of men are larger than those of women and produce more sebum.

That is why exfoliation is also a must in men's beauty routines! This step becomes essential to ensure correct cell turnover and prevent beard hair from growing healthy without becoming incarnate. An organic face scrub is ideal in this process.

We recommend that you exfoliate your facial skin at least once a week.

  • The third step


Men in their life undergo about 16,000 shaves.

This often leads to hyper sensitisation of the skin and dryness, so it is vital to hydrate and moisturise.

Hydration is an essential step in men's skincare routine to prevent the signs of ageing and calm any redness caused by shaving. To combat this, we recommend our 100% Pure Moringa Oil which works amazingly for different skin types.

  • The fourth step

Beard care

The beard must be cared for to make it bright, thick and resistant, and that is why you need to use specific products! We have formulated a particular conditioner and oil for every beard!

It conditions and softens your beard without being greasy. Perfect for moisturising and repairing damaged hair, it relaxes your skin beneath and prevents dandruff and flaking. Goodbye, itchy skin!

We love it because of its conditioning properties and the smooth feeling on your beard. After shaving, use your Moringa-based oil! It stops razor rash and acne and protects your skin from scars. You will be clean-shaven and well moisturised!

Finally, did you know that men's skin is on average 20% thicker than women's? This means that wrinkles are created with more difficulty, thanks to a greater quantity of collagen in the dermis. So, you’re really lucky!!!

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