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Sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury,

it should be an option


This epiphany led to the creation of Flip Organics. The Flip Organics journey started with the founder, Oyinda Akano and her unwavering belief in the democratization of sustainability. According to her, it is the collective responsibility of every proponent of sustainability to make organic products mainstream, and her desire to contribute to this movement led to her starting Flip Organics.

Introducing a world of health in one store

From beauty and skincare to drinks and beverages, our products are made with naturally based ingredients that leave you feeling great and looking better.

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Our Mission at Flip Organics is simple...

We want to inspire consumers to choose sustainable, healthy and safe products by being the go-to source for the most trusted natural brands.

Our Internal North Star

Flip Organics is run by a family with strong values, and that extends to the kind of products we sell. Our core belief is that "customers deserve quality products that are safe and environmentally friendly". It's our internal North Star that guides our careful selection and production of products for our customers.

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The Flip Organics Promise

This brand was born from the love we have for nature and health. Our promise and commitment to all our customers is the guarantee that we will never compromise.

From the first day Flip Organics opened its doors, we have been driven by our passion to create quality and environmentally friendly products that enhance consumer's lives. Rest assured that any Flip Organics product you have in your house is great for you and great for the planet.

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